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ABI survey ties video diet to age

Steven Kim

On the heels of our own roundtable discussion, ABI Research has a survey that ties video consumption methods to age. No big surprises -- the younger crowd leads the way on gaming consoles, VOD, internet downloads and cell phone video -- but still, some interesting trends emerged. DVRs look to have achieved uniform adoption across all age groups, whereas the older VOD technology is still largely used by young adults. To VOD's credit, up to half of those who try it get hooked, regardless of age, so carriers just need to get people started (we're thinking free trials are in order). Internet downloads are really only on the radar of the under-30 crowd, chalked up to "inconsistencies in the process," which might explain why some people's eyes glaze over when we try to explain how to get content via the internet. On the other end of the age spectrum, videogame console use more than doubled in the 65+ year-old group; but we figure a lot of those units are Wiis that won't be used for watching content (officially or otherwise). Hit the link for more details and chime in with your take.

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