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Breakfast topic: Boast your titles

Amanda Dean

A lot of WoW folks seem to be collectors: Pets, Mounts, even hats. Collecting titles is the next big thing. It's kind of fun to display some hard earned achievement proudly to other players. Rágnaros of Duskwood asked in general chat. He's interested in knowing which titles are most popular and most rare. It also adds some flavor to the game. Several responders reported having five or six titles.

I'm not much of a title hunter. A friend of mine was running UBRS for the Jenkins title so I was happy to come along. It was relatively easy to get with a handful of 70s and was fun to get. My job was to sprint about and aggro as many dragons as I could, then I dropped a Hurricane to join in quick AOE attack which easily killed at least fifty of them instantly.

Some players are disillusioned with the proliferation of titles. A title that is held by many hardly adds to a players uniqueness. At this point, Jenkins seems to be the most common title among players. I'm hoping for something that suits me better in Wrath.

I'm curious about how people view titles:
What titles do you have?
How do you decide which titles to go for or to display?
Is there an acheivement that you believe should be accompanied by a title, but is not?
Do you have any titles you're not proud of?
If you could name your own title, what would it be?

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