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Sound Advice closing up shop, liquidating stores

Darren Murph

Another one bites the proverbial dust. Hot on the heels of Tweeter zipping up its distribution centers comes word that the Florida-based Sound Advice will be throwing in the towel as well. Interestingly enough, we just heard hours ago that ripples from the Circuit City / Tweeter closings could affect upscale dealers, and here we are watching 22 boutique shops liquidate their current inventory and call it a done deal. About 50 employees stand to lose their jobs, but of course, those with an outlet around can take advantage of some killer deals right about now. Granted, this probably has quite a bit to do with the fact that Tweeter actually acquired Sound Advice in 2001 for $61 million, and generally speaking, children don't fare too well when their parents hit the skids.

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