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T-Mobile officially announces Samsung Behold and Gravity

Chris Ziegler

The long-rumored Samsung T919 Behold has finally broken cover in an official capacity for T-Mobile, offering a full-featured touchscreen handset (that isn't the G1) to take advantage of that cute little AWS 3G network they've been cooking up. Besides TouchWiz, features include a 5-megapixel cam with video capability, full HTML web browser (we should certainly hope so), and haptic feedback; look for it to launch on November 10 in your choice of two colors for $149.99 on contract, including the rather lovely "light rose." Next up, we have the Samsung Gravity -- T-Mobile's answer to the endless barrage of low-cost QWERTY texters coming from every other network -- featuring a candybar form that conceals a full keyboard on a side slide. It drops by a week later, November 17 for $49.99 on a two-year plan, in "lime" and "aqua." We think we know which one we'd rather have.

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