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Telus tantalizes with LG Chocolate GiG music phone

Darren Murph

Americans may know the pictured handset by another name (psst... it's Chocolate 3, you knew that!), but Telus Mobility customers will soon be referring to it as the LG Chocolate GiG. Available now on the Canadian carrier, said flip phone offers up 1GB of internal storage, an incredibly convenient 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, a spinning scroll wheel, 2-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch QVGA main display and stereo Bluetooth support. You'll also get access to Telus mobile radio (XM) as well as Telus mobile music, both of which should keep you adequately stocked with artfully imposed sine waves. It's available now for the taking at $99.99 (3-year contract), $199.99 (2-year deal), $249.99 (1-year agreement) or $299.99 without any obligations.

[Via mobilesyrup]

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