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Epson PowerLite Cinema 700 costs only slightly more dollars than its horizontal line count

Samuel Axon

We're sorry you lost your fortune in the global financial crisis, but we've got some news to cheer you up -- you might still be able to plaster your living room wall with HD video. Epson just launched the PowerLite Cinema 700, a 720p home theater projector that it claims is the first to retail at $799. Sure, they've made this kind of claim before, and it's true that if you look hard enough you'll probably find a couple other 720p projectors at that price, but we're not gonna make a fuss -- this 3LCD projector is a decent deal, what with it doing 2,000 lumens and having a 2,000:1 contrast ratio. It's already available in Epson's online store -- or, at least it would be if it wasn't sold out at the moment. Guess some other economically depressed folks thought it was a decent deal, too!

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