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Rumor: Activision Blizzard paying mall costs for Gamestop midnight launches


When Gamestop first started taking pre-orders for Wrath of the Lich King, they told their customers that they would be open at midnight for the launch. About a month ago, however, the Gamestop stores in malls had to cancel their midnight launches. When I asked my local mall Gamestop employee while taking the mini-gamer trick or treating, I was told that the malls were charging too much to keep the doors open and that all Gamestop mall stores were canceling midnight launches.

I informed my friends who had pre-ordered and they went to cancel their pre-orders only to be told that Activision was paying the mall costs and the midnight launches were back on schedule. When I called to confirm, I was told the same information but that the employee would not be quoted.

So I called Gamestop Corporate. The marketing department refused to comment saying that they would not release information about a publisher covering any costs for Gamestop. He was very irritated, to put it mildly.

Now, maybe I interrupted the representative's lunch and that's why he was annoyed. And obviously Gamestop employees were not authorized to tell customers that (and this is a direct quote from the employee who did not want to be identified) "Activision gave the OK." But if this is true, Activision Blizzard is willing to do whatever it takes to make Wrath available as many places as possible for the midnight launch event.

I also asked the local store if they would have extra Collector's Editions available. Unfortunately, this particular store will only be offering the regular editions for sale at midnight, though this may be up to the individual locations.

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