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SNIF Tags go commercial, promise to monitor your dog's activity


They've been keeping tabs on dogs around MIT for a few years now, but it looks like the activity-monitoring SNIF Tags are now finally making their public, and commercial, debut. Unlike some other devices that track your dog's whereabouts with GPS, these make use of an accelerometer and some motion analysis software to determine exactly how active your dog is, all of which gets logged online via the included SNIF base station that connects to your router. Even more ambitiously, the tags also promise to let you and your dog engage in a bit of social networking, with the tags able to recognize when they're close to another tag and record the encounter online when you get back home which, of course, depends on plenty of other dogs having the tags as well. Their $200 introductory price (or $300 after November 24th) won't exactly help those chances, however, nor will the $10 a month fee for the premium membership (a year of service is included with the starter kit). If that's not a deterrent for you though, you can get your order in right now by hitting up the ready link below.

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