Petlink dog collar features GPS for peace of mind

Joining an already crowded field of products designed to prey on pet owners' love for their animals, a new GPS-equipped dog collar from Sweden's Petlink Development and M-Tech promises to give you Rover's exact coordinates by simpling texting the service over Telia's network. The self-titled Petlink device works much like the GPS PRO we saw a few years back, allowing Swedes and eventually Danes to pay around twelve bucks a month for the privilege of nailing down a lost pet's location on the off chance that they successfully escape from captivity their happy homes. Unfortunately Petlink -- like most other models in this category -- is a little too bulky for use on animals of the feline persuasion, so if you're a cat owner, this may be just the impetus you need to trade up to a nice Lab or pit bull.

[Via Techdirt]