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Star Wars: The Old Republic to have choreographed combat

James Egan

For some MMO players, nothing kills immersion more than the constant reminder that your avatar is a hollow, ephemeral character model, with every weapon strike that passes right through your ghostly form driving that point home. Star Wars: The Old Republic has a new take on MMO combat that should come as welcome news to anyone who faults the way combat looks in most massively multiplayer online titles.

Bioware president Greg Zeschuk has told videogaming247 that combatants in SWTOR won't be 'swinging through each other', largely due to the fact that choreography will play a major role in the forthcoming title's combat system. "Star Wars is choreographed, it's elegant; it's big, powerful moves and lightning bolt flashes, but in a way that makes sense visually and aesthetically. One of the goals we have is to create this choreographed type of combat that looks as though it could be taking place in a Star Wars movie," he recently commented to videogaming247.

Is this a welcome change for you as an MMO player, or is the way avatar combat presently looks in most massively multiplayer titles fine for you?

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