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Belkin's Switch-to-Mac USB Cable


Peripheral maker Belkin has taken note of the fact that a lot of people are switching to Macs. Their new Switch-to-Mac USB Cable, available in the US now for US$49.99, is designed to streamline the process of moving files from your PC running Windows XP or Vista to your Mac running Tiger or Leopard.

The cable comes with a Migration Assistant that performs a similar function to Apple's Migration Assistant -- it copies music, movies, photos, files, and Internet preferences from the PC to the Mac at USB 2.0 speeds. At the completion of the migration, the software provides a summary of all of the content that has been copied and the location of the files.

Belkin says the Switch-to-Mac USB Cable is on sale in the US now, and it will be available in Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia beginning in February, 2009.

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