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Blizzard exec: I wouldn't bet against BioWare

Kyle Horner

Blizzard executive Paul Sams has a lot of things to say about BioWare and Star Wars: The Old Republic in an interview with Eurogamer. And while he starts off with, "I wouldn't bet against them, that's for sure." Sams doesn't stop there. He goes on to point out his reasons, stating that not many MMOs have both the strength in IP and development team that BioWare possess. He also points out the deep wallets of Electronic Arts, which will most certainly play an important role in getting Star Wars: The Old Republic just right via BioWare's "It's done when it's done" approach.

Still, Sams is quick to point out that building, running and maintaining an MMORPG is a very difficult task and that "time will tell" if the house that built KOTOR is able to react to the various situations that can erupt. A perfect example of this would be the server issues World of Warcraft has been facing for the past couple of days. Will BioWare be up to a job of that magnitude? Well, Sams is right, only time will tell.

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