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Many realms back online after emergency maintenance

Alex Ziebart

Realms are finally starting to come online after today's emergency maintenance. Most servers seem to be up and available now, though whether that will be the case for the rest of the day remains to be seen. It looks like they actually did manage to make progress on the issues, too.

Obviously, the free PvP gear is gone. The prices have been fixed and the purchased items removed from players' bags as expected. They've also made progress on the mail issue. Many players logging in now are finding their mailboxes packed full of the things they were missing after yesterday's extremely extended maintenance. Not everyone has received their mail yet (I haven't), but it's going to take some time as Blizzard mentioned. It's just nice to see they've made progress even with all of the other problems going on.

Now that they're up, let's hope they stay that way and Wrath of the Lich King has a clean, smooth launch.

Edit: Thank you to MechChef for reminding me about the official realm status page. It looks like only a small handful of servers are still down.

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