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Apple exec calls iPod Touch the 'future of gameplay'

Ross Miller

If you still had any doubt over Apple's plans to launch an assault on the portable gaming industry, VP of iPod and iPhone Marketing Greg Joswiak has made the company's intentions a bit more obvious. In an interview with T3 magazine, Joswiak touts the iPod Touch as the "future of gameplay" (and notes that current handhelds, PSP and Nintendo DS, are "in the past").

Beyond the interface and the wireless App Store, Joswiak said, "The 3D graphic power here [iPod touch] is significantly greater than what you have here [picks up Nintendo DS]. So this allows people to do significantly higher quality games."

It all sounds well and good, but Joswiak doesn't address the pink, polygonal elephant in the room: the games themselves. The platform and hardware is great, but Apple's catalog doesn't yet have the muscle nor brand recognition that's driving sales of the PSP and the Nintendo DS (whose Wrestling name, we might add, is "The Money Printer").

It's worth noting that a recent study by the NPD Group suggests smartphone (and particularly iPhone) gaming is growing dramatically. Check out our comparison chart of the DSi, iPod Touch and PSP Brite.

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