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Hori making Cube-style Classic Controller


This month, Hori will release their own take on the Classic Controller, called, shockingly enough, the Hori Classic Controller. The new controller combines the designs of the GameCube and Classic controllers, with the former's general shape, stick layout and shoulder buttons, and the latter's face button layout and Wii-specific extra buttons. It also has individual autofire switches for each button, which make it look scary, like a mini Steel Battalion controller or something.

Black and white versions of this controller will be available starting November 27, and a light blue version will follow on December 4. All will cost 2,980 yen ($30.50). Play-Asia is currently taking preorders for $29.90.

This looks ideal for people who like the feel of the GameCube controller but hate the scrambled button layout -- or for people who want to artificially boost their performance in the myriad shmups on the VC.

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