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First Club Nintendo North America details unexpectedly awesome [update]


Last month, Nintendo revealed that Club Nintendo, Japan and Europe's ace consumer rewards program, would launch in North America. Weeks of silence followed, but now Cammie Dunaway has started talking up the service. Here are five crucial facts she divulged to MTV Multiplayer:
  • Club Nintendo in North America is still on schedule to launch before the end of 2008.
  • It will be more like the Japanese program than the European, in that there will be more physical products than digital.
  • As is the case in Europe, you gain points (known as gold coins in North America) by purchasing a product and entering a code on the Club Nintendo site, and can reap further points by completing surveys on the product you bought. In Europe, it's worth mentioning that these are hardly time-consuming: just five or six questions with tickboxes.
  • Unlike in Europe, you can gain points for indicating an interest in purchasing before buying. Noice!
  • Some items from the Japanese service will make it to North America (Yay! And also: please include this).
If you'll excuse us, we're now going to randomly hit our keyboard in a fit of wild, unabated excitement. YAKJFDAIWOQBHKJGFEDRYUVBEIUQ

[Update: A clarification: the service will be coming to North America as a whole! Apologies for the geographical confusion!]

Want to see Club Nintendo's greatest gifts to Japan and Europe? OF COURSE YOU DO. So go here.

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