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White T-Mobile G1 not coming until after Thanksgiving?

Darren Murph

Oh sure, a few remarkably lucky and / or well connected individuals out there are yapping it up on a white T-Mobile G1 right this very moment, but for the bulk of us, coming across one is basically impossible; in fact, the white G1 isn't even listed on T-Mobile's website currently. TMO News has it that the lightest hue of the HTC-built handset isn't expected to ship until at least the US Thanksgiving holiday, meaning that you've still got some serious time to kill before wrapping your paws around the increasingly enviable mobile. Rumors have been rampant that a paint chipping issue is at fault, and while we've yet to hear any confirmation of that, we have seen problems with white paint throw a wrench in the production plans of other mega-corps in the past. There's always the black G1 + Colorware if you're really impatient, you know.

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