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Sony Ericsson C905a with AT&T firmware means... well, you know

Chris Ziegler

That "more bars in more places" startup sequence there look familiar? We're not rocket scientists, granted, but first of all, we have no idea what rocket science has to do with the mobile phone industry. Secondly, seeing a carrier-branded firmware show up on a hot new (and somewhat unexpected) model is bound to get some gears turning. The whole K850 debacle reminds us that a branded device can go all the way up to the last minute and still get tossed to the wayside -- and there's certainly precedent for such a tragic fate to happen to a Sony Ericsson, specifically -- but we can't help but let our minds wander to the possibilities of an 8-megapixel beast like the C905 landing on AT&T in the near future. Some lucky cat was offering a US-friendly C905a model for sale (don't bother logging into eBay, it's already been snatched up) allegedly burned with an AT&T ROM, suggesting that they're either looking into offering it or, at the very least, Sony Ericsson was pitching it to the boys and girls in Atlanta. If it's still getting tossed around, let us just voice our opinion here: yes, AT&T. Do it.

[Thanks, Leeds]

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