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The Daily Grind: Will you be exploring The Shadow Odyssey?

As many excited EverQuest II players are well aware, tomorrow is an important day. It marks the launch day for EverQuest II's fifth expansion, The Shadow Odyssey. Of course, for those folks who have been thinking about getting into EQ2 but haven't taken the dive as yet, it's a good time for you as well - SOE tends to bundle in all previous games with their expansions so you can check them out without shelling out a bunch of money. The Shadow Odyssey brings in lots of content for players from level 50 to level 80, with the addition of several areas brought forward from EverQuest like Guk, Mistmoore and Befallen. While this expansion doesn't increase the level cap, it does increase the number of Achievement points, adds heritage quests, opens alternate achievement paths - and so, so much more!

Today we wanted to ask - are you heading into the shadowy world of EverQuest II's Shadow Odyssey? If so, what part sounds like the best part to you? Is it visiting places you may remember from EverQuest? The sharded gear rewards? Perhaps you're just looking forward to all those Achivement points so you can really get your character to where you wanted it to be. Let us know!

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