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Job listing suggests Star Trek Online heading to PS3

Jem Alexander

Job advertisements are often a useful source of information and this listing for Cryptic Studios is no exception. It seems the Star Trek Online developer is looking for some PS3 coding talent to get their MMO engine running nicely on the system. if Star Trek Online (or any other Cryptic properties) are coming to the PS3 then they're the latest in a long line of MMOs that we've been promised for the system.

Between NC Soft's announcement of bringing games to the platform in mid-2007 and SOE's numerous offerings, such as DC Universe Online and The Agency, we've yet to see a single one released. Still, variety is the spice of life and we're happy to hear that there's a chance Star Trek Online will be heading PS3wards. Think you can make it happen? Apply at Cryptic Studios' official website.

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