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Nintendo planning greater community features


It's not to say that the company hasn't been mindful of community features in the past. They've launched the Check Mii Out Channel, as well as the Everybody Votes Channel. Sure, they were flops, but it's good to know that Nintendo is at least trying. And Reggie wants us to know that Nintendo has some things coming down the pipe.

"Nintendo has always had a vision on community," he said. "The issue is that we define community differently than our competitors. ... Our consumers do want a sense of community, and we're going to deliver that--but in a way that is unique to Nintendo." Thanks for being so vague, Reg!

Regardless, it's good to know Nintendo is thinking about it. Stacked up against Xbox Live and, even worse, PSN, the Wii is lacking in some very necessary community features. Why don't you all take a guess? What do you think Nintendo has up its sleeve? Personally, we'd appreciate Virtual Console and WiiWare demos and maybe more online multiplayer.


[Via GameDaily; thanks, Mr Khan!]

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