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Nokia says "yes" to TD-SCDMA, has S60 phone in the works

Chris Ziegler

By all accounts, China will eventually end up with LTE along with the rest of the world -- thank goodness -- but in the meantime, there's a hodgepodge of 3G techs brewing in the Far East including a healthy dose of the country's homegrown TD-SCDMA "standard." Not to worry though, denizens of the world's most populous country; turns out you won't be stuck with domestic handsets and the occasional Samsung or Motorola to get your high-speed fill. Nokia has mentioned at Macau's Mobile Asia Congress this week that it has a strong commitment to TD-SCDMA (and with a market that big, it's pretty hard to ignore) -- but what's more, they're hard at work on an S60-based smartphone for TD-SCDMA that will see launch by the end of 2009. With that kind of talk, the Sprints, Verizons, Bells, and Teluses of the world have to be screaming bloody murder that they can't bother to do the same for good, old-fashioned, well-established CDMA -- but then again, the North American market is still a little bit of a mystery to Nokia, isn't it?

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