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DISH Network cans six retailers for sketchy behavior

Darren Murph

You can say whatever you please about DISH Network's service, but don't ever say it isn't guarding its reputation like a hawk. Just a month after the satcaster made known that a TV pirate went to the slammer for rebroadcasting its material, we see this: a notification that six retailers have been "terminated." Why, you ask? Because DISH was given reason to believe that the dirty (half) dozen had "engaged in illegal activity including fraud and misrepresentation when establishing customer accounts for DISH Network service." DISH goes on to proclaim that it "does not tolerate illegal activity and will take action against any retailer that it believes has engaged in any form of fraud or misrepresentation in its dealings with DISH Network," so if you've got a questionable deal lined up with one of the six outfits listed after the jump, we'd hop on the line and initiate a cancellation as quickly as possible.

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List of shady DISH Network retailers:

  • LIS Enterprise Inc. (dba Super Star Satellite) of West Covina, Calif.
  • Omid Pars Inc. (dba Ash Tech Systems) of Austin, Texas
  • KDS Sales Inc. (dba Apex Communications) of Fort Wayne, Ind.
  • Thousand Island Network, Inc. of Diamond Bar, Calif.
  • Metro Digital Advantage Co. of Dallas, Texas
  • Ovatax Quick Service of North Hills, Calif.

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