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Nyko ups the ante, introduces the Quad charger


Click image for a closer look at the Quad Charger

Nyko is doubling the effectiveness of their previous charging dock, adding two more slots and two more NiMH rechargeable battery packs to the mix. Dubbed the Nyko Quad Charger, the new charging station will be available in North America next month, just in time for the holidays, and will cost you $49.99.

Hit up our gallery below for a closer look at the docking station.

Gallery: Nyko Quad Charger | 2 Photos

We've spent some time with other Nyko gadgetry before. Just recently, we put the Wing wireless controller through its paces, as well as the Kama Wireless Nunchuck and the Perfect Shot. Don't forget about their Frontman guitar, either. And, please, take a minute to remember the dearly de-partied Party Station.

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