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WoW Insider Show Episode 65: Death Knight moves

Mike Schramm

This week's show was a humdinger -- our own Matthew Rossi (author of our Shaman and Warrior columns) and Daniel Whitcomb (who writes the Death Knight class column), so we've got some terrific discussion for your up-and-coming Death Knights out there. We talked about whether they were OP, and how they're going to fit into our groups and raids, both as tanks and DPS. We also answered emails as usual (including a good one about voice acting in the game, and how the "umbrella factions" in Northrend work), and we talked about how much money Blizzard made last week, and those new commercials (which I just saw on TV the other day).

We had a great time making the show, and hopefully you'll have as good a time listening to it. As always, you can hit up any (or all) of the outlets below (and if you like the show, please do post a short review in iTunes, we'll appreciate it), or just press play right over on the sidebar (you'll find a new one there every morning).

Finally a reminder: we won't have a live show next week (November 29th) due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but we will have a new episode this week, featuring Felicia Day from The Guild as a special guest. She'll be on to talk about season 2 of her show, their big deal with Microsoft, and everything else WoW as usual. Stay tuned -- we'll post that one as soon as it's ready.

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