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Felicia Day talks WoW addiction, characters, oldschool PC gaming

Samuel Axon

G4TV's X-Play interviewed the lovely Felicia Day on video about her soon-to-return web video series The Guild and her past gaming experience. Fans of Ms. Day and her show will eat it up no matter what we say, of course, but we will note that she reveals what her main World of Warcraft character was and what games she played when she was a kid.

Be sure and watch the video after the break, but if you just want the information (we'd think you'd be more interested in seeing Felicia Day's delightful personality than raw data, but here goes): her main was a Warlock (who apparently did some Alchemy on the side), and she had Priest and Mage alts. She grew up playing everything from Zork to Wizardry to Nethack, and has mostly been a PC gamer rather than a console one. We buy it -- she's got cred!

Day is doing these appearances to promote The Guild's second season, which debuts exclusively on Xbox Live today.

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