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Skate 2 to grind North American retail shelves January 21

Jason Dobson

Just as your head begins to clear from downing your seventh pitcher of holiday eggnog, Electronic Arts announced plans to push off and catch a mad vert when Skate 2 nails its retail landing in January. The sequel will do a frontside 360 in North America on January 21, while skateboarders elsewhere will be able to get their trick on two days later on January 23.

Next month EA will also launch a Skate 2 web application, creatively titled "Graphics Creator," which will let players create customized graphics for their in-game decks and clothing. Additionally, would-be shredders in North America who pre-order Skate 2 will grab a code to unlock a "Throwback Pack" that will allow access to retro accessories, gestures and clothing. When you bail from a botched nosegrind, at least you'll look good in your Skate or Die shirt.

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