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Battech rolls out long-lasting iPower SX solar charger


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It's getting increasingly more difficult for solar chargers to distinguish themselves from one another these days, but it looks like Battech's new iPower SX has a few somewhat unique things going for it, the most notable of which is a beefier than usual 2200mAh battery (compared to 18000mAh or less on most other units). That should be enough to keep an iPod Classic going for a full 50 hours, as opposed to 18 hours using something like the Freeloader. The device also boasts a few other nifty touches like a battery status indicator (which all to often goes overlooked) and, like other similar devices, you can also simply top off the battery by plugging it into a USB port. No word on a release 'round here just yet, but folks in the UK can apparently pick one up right now for £40, or about $60.

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