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Gaze-controlled robot gets demoed on video


It's hardly a new concept, but we're not about to bemoan the appearance of another sight-controlled robot, especially one that seems to be as simple and effective as this one created by a team of researchers from the Technical University of Denmark and the IT University of Copenhagen. That simplicity begins with the LEGO NXT-G kit that the bot is based around, which gets paired with a webcam and a laptop that's connected to the bot via Bluetooth, and to a desktop PC via WiFi. The PC comes into the picture with an eye-tracking system that lets folks control the robot as they watch the live feed from its webcam which, as you can see in the video after the break, appears to work remarkably well. The researchers apparently aren't content with things just yet, however, and they're already looking to use the system to control a wheelchair, and add some head-tracking to the mix for good mesure.

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