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Rumor: 'Jasper' Xbox 360 shipping, features 256MB on-board memory


Candid shots of nekkid motherboards? Check. Awkwardly filmed YouTube videos? Check. Rumor post on Joystiq? Very check. Why, someone must have spotted a new Xbox 360 variant in the wild!

According to a post at Xbox-Scene, consoles containing the "Jasper" chipset, which promises a cooler 65nm GPU on the motherboard, have begun to arrive in the homes of consumers. Interestingly, it's claimed that Jasper features 256MB of on-board flash storage, no doubt a concession to the NXE's storage demands. It would appear the Xbox 360 Arcade no longer includes a 256MB external memory card. [Update: Nope! It does!]

Tell us, commenters. Have you found Jasper?

[Via Engadget]

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