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Meridian spreads its SpeakerLink all-in-one connection up and down the line

Steven Kim

Meridian's SpeakerLink all-digital, single cable solution for moving audio, communications and control bits between components has major appeal for going with an all-Meridian system -- higher performance and more integrated control are always good things in entertainment devices. Pity is, the active digital speakers and associated components cost a pretty penny; but if you're shopping Meridian, we're guessing cost is no barrier to entry. If you spring for the company's flagship DSP8000 speaker, you'll get a nice RJ-45 jack right onboard for a SpeakerLink connection; if your means are more modest (relatively speaking), then you'll need an AC11 hub that breaks a SpeakerLink connection out to a Meridian Comms port (DIN or BNC) and S/PDIF audio. The AC11 goes for $995, the DSP8000 are safely in the "if you have to ask" realm north of $40,000 per pair.

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