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Embrace your Chilled Meat

Alex Ziebart

Leveling through Northrend, you're probably coming across oodles of Chilled Meat. It drops off of just about every beast (and some other critters) in Northrend, so it piles up pretty quick. You get multiple stacks of it just questing normally. With it being so horirbly common, you might be inclined to just toss it. I mean, it can't be that useful, right? It's everywhere! No. Keep it. Trust me. Keep it.

Why should you keep Chilled Meat? Well, it's not only used in Cooking awesome things like Feasts (and everyone loves to feast), but it's also used in almost all of the new Cooking daily quests in Dalaran. If you're a Cook, you'll want a massive stockpile of the stuff. If you're not a Cook, your friends will really appreciate it, and if you don't like your friends that much, you can auction it for a lot. I've been watching the prices on them, and it varies wildly between being cheap and unreasonably expensive, depending on what the daily quest is and what day of the week it is. Weekends the price drops significantly since more people are leveling, but come the middle of the week, peoples' stores start slipping.

One of the daily quests takes twelve Chilled Meats. If you don't have the stuff stocked up, you're going to run out fast unless you go hunting for it every day, and do you really want to do that? Every single day? No, not really, so just play it safe. You can save yourself a lot of time by just making sure to hold onto your meat, which I've noticed a lot of people not doing at all. Admittedly it's pretty nice to run behind a party member in Sholazar Basin looting all of the meat they decided wasn't important without realizing how easy life could be for them, but I'll be nice. Keep your Chilled Meat. It's more useful than you may first expect.

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