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Princess of Persia plays dress-up as Jade from Beyond Good & Evil


Given the close working relationship between the Prince of Persia team and Jade Raymond's Assassin's Creed group at Ubisoft Montreal, our first thought upon hearing this news was that Ubisoft included a Jade Raymond skin for Elika in the latest PoP. It actually turns out to be – as Destructoid has discovered – a freebie that "tranforms" the Prince's sidekick into Jade, the lead character from the underrated platformer Beyond Good & Evil.

The Jade skin is obtained simply by finishing the game, which goes on sale today. Creating an account on Ubisoft's site and registering your copy also provides an unlock for the Prince's previously revealed Altaïr (Assassin's Creed) costume. Considering that we've seen neither hide nor hair swine of Ubi's BG&E sequel since it was announced earlier this year, we'll consider this a consolation gift for the delay. (And, hopefully, proof that Ubisoft hasn't forgotten about the game.)

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