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The Tuesday Morning Post: Don't forget your Consortium g... oh wait


So It's December 2nd. Normally, that means that your plans should probably include a quick trip out to Nagrand for a sack of gems. But a little something happened this past month that's sort of changed that up a little bit. Still, maybe it's a good idea to visit good old Gehze one more time, for old time's sake, eh?

Actually, I'm a bit disappointed in the Consortium. I really expected them to leverage their vast profits in Outlands to spearhead a movement into Azeroth. They could be making a killing off of Nerubian carapaces and Frostwyrm bone ivory right now... and handing us a bag of Northrend gems every month. Come on, get with it guys.

But seriously. The point is, it's Tuesday morning. And that means downtime. It's an extra long downtime today, 3 AM to 11 AM PST. That means you have plenty of time to browse WoW Insider. Allow me, as is my wont, to suggest some choice articles, guides, and features from the past week for your enjoyment, after the break.

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