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Dissidia creators talk FFXII, FFXIII characters

Majed Athab

Speaking in an interview with Japan's Weekly Famitsu (which is courteously translated by 1UP), the Dissidia dev team has spoken out about the possible inclusion of Final Fantasy XII and XIII characters making their way into the game. Creative producer Tetsuya Nomura replied to the mag when drilled on those sought after games, but Noms had some disappointing news to reveal: "One idea we had was to include an FFXIII character, but having one debut in Dissidia would lock down the image of his or her skills and so forth, perhaps affecting FFXIII in the process. As a result, we couldn't get permission."

That's rather understandable. But wait; what about FFXII? Well, Nomura was a little more mysterious in his answer for this one: "As for FFXII, just stay tuned for now (laughs)." Is he laughing because we're totally not going to see a character from the game? Or, is he laughing because we're definitely going to see one? Commence dramatic progressive argument in our comments section!

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