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    Kodak's Theatre HD Player reviewed: not all smiles

    Darren Murph

    It's mildly unfathomable that we're just now seeing a review on Kodak's July-announced Theatre HD Player, but maybe that's because most folks could smell the lameness from the press release. Nevertheless, one critic finally got up the courage to publish his feelings online, and while the unit did have its bright spots, not everything was fine and dandy. First and foremost, the $299 price point was deemed absurd given the omission of any built-in storage and the unit's inability to access HD movies / TV shows. That said, the user interface "shined in its simplicity and was a lot of fun to use," which inevitably left the reviewer simply wanting more. In other words, you're probably better off passing this one by until Kodak figures out a way to add in a bit more functionality, but feel free to give the read link a look if you're still in doubt.

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