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Wherein Joystiq helps sick kids by punishing Canadians

Justin McElroy

The best way to wield the hulking girth of the Joystiq Biomass is to help people. The second best way? Helping people by hurting Canadians. It's so rare that the opportunities to do that present themselves, we wanted to draw your attention one last time to LoadingReadyRun's "Desert Bus for Hope," wherein the British Columbia-based troupe raises money for the Child's Play charity by playing the world's most boring game.

They've been at it for four-and-a-half days now, and have raised a staggering $55,000. Sadly, though, it could all come to an end around 11 p.m. EST tonight unless you act now, give all you can give, and help keep those Canadians stationary. Go, Joystiq Biomass! Attack!

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