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Loken the most dangerous mob in the game

Alex Ziebart

The Top Lists on the official World of Warcraft website are endlessly interesting and fascinating. The last time we looked at them was well before Wrath launched, so we decided to take a look again now that we've been in Northrend for awhile.

The first list I looked at was, of course, the Most Dangerous Creatures. What's more fun than seeing what's destroying your fellow players? Nothing. Nothing at all. It looks like Loken of Halls of Lightning is topping the charts right now, followed by Sapphiron of Naxxramas. I can see that. Loken can be pretty deadly, especially on Heroic. Most players will probably wipe to him at least once their first time seeing him, assuming they don't know the strategy ahead of time. Sapphiron is just plain painful.

It's amusing to see that the most dangerous encounters right now are all fights with a heavy amount of AOE. In fact, Patchwerk at #6 is the first fight on that list that isn't insanely heavy on the AOE/environmental damage. Man, I remember when the Defias Pillagers were #1 with many, many millions of kills ahead of the #2. None of this AOE damage or boss fight stuff. Just painful, painful fireballs in the face.

Amusingly, Copper Bars still reign supreme on the Most Created list, with Saronite and Cobalt Bars coming in on the #2 and #3 slot. The quest completed most often is one in which you steal babies, and cloths of various flavors continue to dominate the Most Looted. Frostweave is also the Most Auctioned, alongside Infinite Dust. Neither of those are terrible surprising, either. Cloth and Enchanting materials are always in extremely high demand, especially at the beginning of an expansion.

Overall, this stuff isn't very shocking. Interesting, but not surprising. The Most Dangerous list is always fun in its own way, but it would be more entertaining if something like Bambina was #1 for most kills. Maybe we can rally the World of Warcraft into ritual suicide at the hands of Mr. Bigglesworth. You can aggro him by using a non-damaging ability, then it's just a waiting game as he slowly works your HP down. Mr. Bigglesworth is way cooler than Loken.

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