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Mediacom seeing high demand for HD DVRs, adding more HD in Springfield, MO

Darren Murph

While we genuinely feel for the HD junkies in Springfield, Missouri who are on a 200-person deep waiting list for an HD DVR, we can't help but smile at the news. Even during these bizarre economic times, the value in high-def programming is obviously shining through. Mediacom Region Operations VP Larry Peterson was quoted as saying that HD DVRs "are the holy grail right now; we've got three different manufacturers we use to try to get the boxes available and it just seems as soon as we get them in, they go out." In related news, the carrier will also be adding in eight new high-def channels on December 17th: WGN, TBS, CNN, SciFi, A&E, History, HGTV, and Food Network. Might explain the uptick in demand, wouldn't you say?

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