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No Doubt's Singles Collection hitting Rock Band DLC next week

Majed Athab

The American punk-ska band No Doubt is bringing some of their best tracks to the Rock Band series. At least, according to a posting on the band's official website. The website states that "The Singles Collection" album will be coming to Rock Band on December 9 (probably December 11 for PS3 owners) and will include 13 tracks from the album. Funny thing is, the album has 15 tracks. So what two songs are being cut? We don't know yet, but you can check the full song list after the break.

[Thanks Wes!]

The Singles Collection full album:

  • Just a Girl
  • It's My Life
  • Hey Baby
  • Bathwater
  • Sunday Morning
  • Hella Good
  • New
  • Underneath It All
  • Excuse Me Mr.
  • Running
  • Spiderwebs
  • Simple Kind of Life
  • Don't Speak
  • Ex-Girlfriend
  • Trapped In a Box

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