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WoW Moviewatch: Who's the Tank?


Who's the Tank? is a classic bit of machinima. It's posted on YouTube by broncotv, but I'm not positive if that's the original author. If you know who the author was for sure, please mention it in the comments. They definitely deserve the kudos for this piece.

"Who's the Tank?" is obviously based off the old "Who's on First?" skit. Its fast-paced dialogue is launched from the confusion that happens when you use vague, unspecific terms for class roles. Given the newcomers to the game, I think it's as funny now as it ever has been.

The production values aren't through the roof, but are still more than adequate given that the movie's emphasis is on dialogue. I think it's worthwhile for everyone to see it at least once, since there's a lesson in the movie for all of us. Be specific when you're trying to communicate.

Thanks to Scott for the tip.

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Edit: broncotv (Michael Schroeder) is definitely the author of this piece.

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