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Sigourney Weaver turned down Aliens game, interested in 'high-quality' Ghostbusters

In a recent interview with MTV News, Sigourney Weaver discussed her potential involvement in two upcoming ludological adaptations of hit 80s films in which she starred. Weaver claimed she turned down an offer to work on an Aliens title as she believed the digi-Ripley portrayed in-game was "not true to the character." She also explained that the resumé of the Aliens developer wasn't too impressive -- one of their past titles was a game "called 'Rednecks', where you shoot animals."

We, and, more notably, Sega (the publisher of the pair of Aliens titles about which the MTV reporter was inquiring) have absolutely no idea what she's talking about. However, her feelings towards Atari's recently acquired adaptation of Ghostbusters were crystal clear -- she's interested in joining the cast, but only if the title is "high-quality." Oh, and if Atari finally greenlights her idea for a video game based on her "hit" 2001 "comedy", Heartbreakers.

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