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Sony rolls out VPL-GH10 SXRD projector for industrial types

Steven Kim

So let's say you're an industrial-type who needs a projector for your simulation or visualization "setup" (aka your home theater), but Sony's SRX-T110 / SRX-T105 4k x 2k models are a bit overkill (or over-budget) -- what do you reach for? Sony's new VPL-GH10 model might be just the thing. Packing a more modest 1920x1080 pixels and Sony's 120Hz Motionflow technology with dark frame insertion, you should get crispy images, even during the most intense Call of Duty sessions. Motorized lens shifts, adjustments via Ethernet and a DVI interface for connection to honest-to-goodness image generators round out the package. Heck, those motorized lens shifts alone might make your couch-potato self eye this model over the VPL-HW10; just know the price is sure to be targeted more towards "industrial" than "consumer" use when it shows up this spring.

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