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Warhammer community offers first impressions on Knight of the Blazing Sun

Michael Zenke

The Warhammer playerbase has been looking forward to new classes since the game launched, anticipating the return of the four classes that went MIA this summer in the push to release. Now the Knight of the Burning Sun and the Blackguard are in testing, available to the folks who completed the Heavy Metal event requirements, and first impressions are starting to surface from the players. Wizards and Wenches has a lengthy look at the Empire's stalwart Knight, breaking down everything from the way they look to how they hand in solo situations.

The author's conclusion is that it "feels polished and really useful." Despite the tanking role the Knight steps into, it offers a large amount of support from Auras and controlling elements like knockback. It's also apparently very solo-friendly ... enough to make the Warrior Priest-loving blogger reconsider which character to play as his 'main'.

Have you had a chance to play with the Knight yet? Let us know below in the comments.

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