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Nokia N97 carrying over old processor?

Chris Ziegler

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You'd think that a phone promising to becoming Nokia's 2009 flagship would want some serious computational power under its shell, but the word on the street is that the N97 is actually going to carry over the same ARM 11 core used by its forebears. That might be a disappointment for anyone hoping that they'll be able to replace a MID, netbook, or eight-core Hollywood CGI workstation with an unsuspecting handset -- but if it's any consolation, other rumors suggest (thankfully, may we add) that the ARM 11 will be clocked higher than the E71, which comes in at 369MHz. For all we know, the processor specs haven't been finalized since they haven't shown up on Nokia's N97 site yet, so maybe we'll end up with 1GHz and seven minutes of battery life. Would be a productive seven minutes, wouldn't it?

[Via Slashgear and UMPCPortal]

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