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Ludacris is rapping about games for you

Justin McElroy

Ludacris is willing to take the hit for you. He realizes its not cool for you or him to like video games, but frankly he's got the cool to spare, and it's unclear whether you could take the blow to your rep. So, Luda's going to take the hit with Norwegian-exclusive "Press the Start Button" from his new album Theater of the Mind. Not only is he going to rap about games in an effort to legitimize them as an actual cool thing to be into, he's going to rap about every game. This is the H-bomb of social hits, and Ludacris is taking it for you after the break. There are, it should be noted, several bad words.

If you're unable or unwilling to separate the game nods from profanity, our pals at Wambling Gamer are going to walk you through it.

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