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Portable CD players see a resurgence in the UK

Darren Murph

Unless you have some unexplained obsession with gadgets of yesteryear, you probably haven't been paying close attention to how many brands of portable CD players your local retailers have been stocking. According to Currys over in the UK, however, it's being pressured to order up truckloads of 'em to satisfy the 50 percent uptick in demand compared to last year. Moreover, John Lewis (a department store) has begun stocking the units again some four years after originally putting them to rest. Analysts are asserting that the lagging economy is leading people to select these devices as stocking stuffers, with their ease-of-use and rock-bottom prices making them highly attractive in the current market. Word to the wise, though -- chances are that special someone would much prefer a low-end 1GB DAP over something they probably already have. Or, you know, a Pizza Express gift card.

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