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SPHE's David Bishop talks Blu-ray, some tidbits crazier than others

Darren Murph

Just in case interviews with Stan Glasgow and Jay Vandenbree weren't enough, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's president David Bishop is eager to give you more. In a recent sit-down with Home Media Magazine, the exec noted that Blu-ray players had hit their "sweet spot" in terms of price; of course, one must remember that Sony adores keeping prices high for the sake of the industry, so we'd be hesitant to take that seriously. Moving on, he also noted that SPHE wasn't apt to "change pricing" for its Blu-ray Discs anytime soon, which means it won't change it until market pressures dictate otherwise. Finally, he proclaimed that a 150% growth rate for Blu-ray movies would be about right for 2009, and he pointed out that January 2009 would be a particularly important month for it. The full interview is just a click away, but remember, pop your skeptic hat on before diving in and taking things at face value.

[Via The HD Room]

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