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Spiritual Guidance: Hitting the cap part 2

Alex Ziebart


Your only pre-raid option is the Necklace of Taldaram which drops from Prince Taldaram in Heroic Ahn'kahet. Since your options aren't particularly varied here, you can probably get away with not worrying about Hit Rating on your jewelry, but if you come across it, it doesn't hurt.

While you can technically wear both of these, I would strongly recommend against The Prospector's Prize. It has no spell power at all, just haste and hit. It's not itemized very well for anybody that can, in theory, use it. If you still need the hit, go for the Northern Tears which you can get from a Jewelcrafter that has purchased the recipe. You might have a hard time finding someone that can make it since many Jewelcrafters will go for the gem cuts first, but if you can find someone it will be worth it.

The ring has a baseline 31 Hit Rating and a socket, so you can beef it up to a potential 47 Hit Rating. Pretty sexy for a blue ring.

As far as I've seen, this is the only Rare+ trinket with Hit Rating on it pre-raiding. It drops from Cyanigosa in Heroic Violet Hold (noticing a trend here?) and it's definitely worth aiming for, I think. Not only is Violet Hold one of the easier Heroics, it's also fast. While you can run into bad luck and get some of the harder random bosses, it shouldn't be insurmountable for a group in so-so gear. This is worth chasing.

Between these two, I recommend going for the San'layn wand over the Measuring Rod. It lacks the raw stats of the Measuring Rod, but the fact that it's off of a boss far easier than Loken with a much smaller loot table is a huge, huge plus.

Personally, I don't like using my weapons to get a hefty chunk of hit rating, but that's a personal quirk. It's a valid way to get your Hit. Zabra's staff is a BOE, so it's easy Auction House bait. Personally, I recommend picking up one of the off-hands (which have more hit than the 2Hander) and any decent caster 1Hander, not necessarily one with Hit (though you can). The Flameheart dagger is a good starter weapon, but sticking with it into raids isn't terribly necessary.

If you used all of the items I explicitly recommended in each category, you would end up with something ridiculous like 496 Hit Rating, which you definitely do not need. The magic number is roughly 289, remember, so don't go all out. At the same time, you'll notice a lot of these categories only have one or two items prior to raids, so it might take awhile to get capped. If it does, don't worry too much. You can pretty much do all of the current raid content shy of the hitcap, as long as it's not too far off. Have fun!
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