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Star Trek Online timeline update covers the year 2382

Kyle Horner

Cryptic has updated the Star Trek Online timeline that leads up to when the game takes place. Just to refresh everyone's memory, Star Trek Online is set in the year 2409, which is thirty years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. The newest update on the official website covers the events of the year 2382, or 27 years prior to the game.

The biggest part of this updates deals with the Romulans (biological cousins to the Vulcans) who are heading down a path to civil war, as political in-fighting continues to grow. Meanwhile the Unification movement, represented by Ambassador Spock, once again attempts to push their agenda by seeking the support of the Federation Council. Ultimately though, the Federation declines to support the movement to unify the two races, as the Vulcan members of the council aren't too keen on such an uncertain and essentially illogical idea.

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During all of this Romulan bickering, the Klingon Empire takes back the planet Khitomer and the outlying space around it, claiming that it rightfully belonged to them in the first place. This is of course frowned upon by the Federation Council and is the first sign of their relationship with the Klingons heading south.

There's also a very interesting plot development for anyone who was a Voyager fan. It deals with Adrimal Owen Paris of Starfleet Research and the Emergency Medical Hologram known as The Doctor. There's also a bit of lore dealing with the Cardassians, although unless you've been following previous updates it won't make much sense. We're interested in seeing how things develop as we start to get into the later parts of this decade.

Ultimately though, we're curious as to who's going to survive through to the year 2409, as that will mean we get to see them in-game.

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